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About Us | PT. Portibion Djewelindo Logistik
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About Us
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Portibion Djewelindo Logistik is a company that is reliable and trustworthy in the field of logistics and shipping, both domestic and international shipments.

Portibion Djewelindo Logistik is present in Java and Sumatra, with a workforce that is reliable and proffesional, we provide solutions for your needs with the logistics and delivery of diverse types.


1. Be the best customs brokerage services and logistics company in Indonesia.
2. Support the customs process become faster, better and cheaper.
3. Support the effectiveness flow of export and import.


Improve customer's satisfaction with proffesional system, accurate and fast service.

Company's Legality

Company Name : PT. Portibion Djewelindo Logistik
Head Office : Jalan Narogong Permai XX Blok F12 No. 7 Bekasi Phone:(+62-21) 8211197
Branch Office : Jalan Inspeksi Kali Sunter no.6, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara Phone:(+62-21) 24521950
NPWP : 66.624.397.7-432.000
SKT : PEM-01027/WPJ.22/KP.1203/2014
TDP : 102615211965
NP PPJK : 002078
NIK : 03.048921
EDI NUMBER : PJK021140385

Company Background

In this era of globalization, the economic growth of each country is increased. The increased economic growth is accompanied by high international trade. This is because almost in every country unable to meet their own needs. On the other side, every country that has production or commodity will sell it to international market.
A wide variety of significant factors must be considered in a process of international trade. One of the significant factors is a distance between seller and buyer that separated by state issue, the system, or how to trade, how to pay, different language, currency and different trade law. More over, each item that out or come into a region in every country will through the customs procedures.
Indonesia as one of the countries with the fourth largest population in the world have high standard of international trade. According to Statistics Data Centers (BPS), in 2012, Indonesian import value reached 191,67 billion dollars US. Most imports come from China, Japan and The United States of America. At the same time, the value of Indonesian exports in the same year reached 190,04 billion dollars US. And based on export destinations, Indonesian export mostly to China, Japan, The United States of America and India. Export and Import value increasingly grow every year.

With high standard of Indonesian export and import, customs clearance becomes very important and strict. Directorate General of Customs and Excise is executive controller of the freight traffic that comes and out of Indonesia customs area. Appropriate legislation No.17/2006 about customs, the government, especially Directorate General of Customs and Excise must be able to provide service and superintendence faster, better and cheaper. Customs procedures should also ensure legal certainty, supporting efforts to increased and development of the national economy related to international trade, support the flow of goods, improve the effectiveness of freight traffic that comes and out of customs area. Certainly, to achieve this goal must be supported with the Importers and Exporters who understand the customs regulations and the procedures of export and import Generally, customs handling performed by the Exporters and Importers itself. But, according to legislation No.17/2006, if in terms of maintenance is not carried out by themselves, the Exporters or Importers authorize to the company who provide customs brokerage service (PPJK).
With background above, we who have been in export and import area for several years establish a customs brokerage company (PPJK). PT. Portibion Djewelindo Logistik established in January 29, 2014.

Company Logo

Logo menggambarkan value dari perusahaan yaitu, Kuat, Setia, Intergritas, Ramah, Tujuan jelas, Fleksibel dan Seimbang. Berikut deskripsi maknanya :
1. Teks ‘PDL’ merupakan anonim dari PT.Portibion Djewelindo Logistik, menggunakan warna hitam yang bermakna power (kekuatan) dan ketegasan.
2. Dua segitiga yang tergabung adalah bentuk abstrak dari burung merpati, yang merupakan hewan ikon logistik yang universal. Burung merpati adalah burung yang setia, akan mempertaruhkan integritas untuk membawa pesan ke tujuan, juga burung yang lembut dan ramah.
3. Segitiga adalah bangun datar yang bermakna tujuan, arah yang jelas, juga merupakan segitiga simetris yang kedua sisinya seimbang.
4. Segitiga dibuat dua agar berkesan fleksibel dan kolaborasi atau gabungan. Maknanya perusahaan adalah hasil dari komitmen bersama yang mengkolaborasikan ide demi terbentuknya perusahaan yang kokoh.
5. Warna biru dan hijau adalah warna dominan dari bumi yang merupakan arti kata portibion.
6. Warna hijau memiliki makna kehidupan, tumbuh, natural, dan segar.
7. Warna biru memiliki makna kedamaian, tenang, integritas dan konfiden.